Week 1 Reflection

1) You’ve had a chance to begin digging up mathematical memories and putting them together in an automathography. As you read others’ automathographies, and as you chat with your classmates in Hangouts, you may have some new realizations, or food for thought, or points of comparison and commiseration.

2) A second “input” that you’ve had is reading the introduction to Math for Smarty Pants. Did help you at all to frame your own experiences with math? Did it make you feel anything? Do you recognize yourself in the kids in the book? What new ideas or perspectives did reading it give you—either about yourself or your classroom?

Take these two prompts. Using one or both, write up a reflection. It can be a new piece of writing, or you can extend or enrich your automathography. Either way, share the result with your classmates (as you see fit).


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