#MTBoS Booth Opens Tomorrow!

I don’t know how to reblog from Blogger, so I’ll just point you over to Tina’s post about the #MTBoS Booth manually. If you’re attending the NCTM Annual Meeting & Expo in Boston this week, please stop by Booth 841 to say hi!

I do want to highlight one of Tina’s paragraphs, though:

An even better way to deal with your #BostonJealousyCamp woes? Check out when the next math conference near you will be. See if they have an exhibit hall. Ask if you can get a deal for MTBoS – for NCTM, a booth comes with 6 free registrations, for the price of 6 registrations. So we gathered 6 people, NCTM helped us pool our funding internally and ended up with a booth! Then they helped us out with the carpet and table. Justin and I have done all the work already, and we did it really strategically. We saved our to do lists and descriptions and emails. There’s a google drive folder just waiting for someone to say they want to run a #MTBoS booth at their next conference. We’ll ship you some supplies. The rest you can print from all the stuff we’ve saved in organized folders. You could have your own scavenger hunt! So don’t be sad, get planning. Make this the first of many opportunities for the math teachers of the world to learn there’s an amazing online community just waiting to talk to them about content and pedagogy and more.

I hope to see you at a MTBoS booth soon—either during my time in Boston on Saturday, or at the booth you help to coordinate at a future conference! Happy scheming!


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