Second Reflection

This week I’m providing a variety of prompts that you might write on.

You may feel drawn to writing a reflection on one of the readings I’ve shared by Marilyn Burns and Terry Tao. Perhaps you’ll write about what you feel are your own mathematical strengths and weaknesses. Or perhaps you’ll want to reflect about the kinds of talents, skills, and postures that you admire and value in mathematical work.

You might want to write something about the math work you are doing on the problems from the problem set—patterns and results you may have found so far, attempts that you’ve made (both successful and not), and ideas and experiences you’ve had along the way.

You may want to continue your automathography writing. You might feel drawn to tackling one of the following prompts:

  • focus in on a single episode or anecdote from your mathematical experience—one that a coursemate or I have encouraged you to draw out.
  • describe an occasion when you had a strong emotional reaction to a particular mathematical experience—maybe, anger, disappointment, joy, fear, or excitement.
  • give a portrait of someone who helped you connect with mathematics, and how they  helped you to do so. Maybe you’ll even take this as an opportunity to reach out and reconnect with them!

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