Math Munch Exploration

I mentioned in the course description that one of the important ways that I share my relationship with mathematics with my students and help them to build their own is through writing Math Munch. What I’d like you to do for Wednesday is to explore Math Munch some and find something in it that you feel a connection to—hopefully something more than a passing mild interest. Also, be on the lookout for something that you feel a strong urge to share with your students—that you feel on some level that it’s important for them to encounter. The writing assignment is just to write up something about these finds you make.

I offer this assignment to you for a couple of reasons:

  • it might help you to make some new connections to math for yourself
  • as a prompt for you to think about the what kinds of mathematical experiences you want to share with your students
  • to share Math Munch as a model of how a teacher can share his/her own mathematical experiences and passions with students
  • so that you might consider whether sharing Math Munch with your students is something you’d like to incorporate into your classroom

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