Fourth Reflection

For this final week of writing, I’ll again give a variety of prompts.

You could write a reflection on one of the readings I’ve linked to.

  • What do you think of Papert’s metaphor? Where do you find yourself situated in the space of possible math educations?
  • What do you think of the math relationship categorizations that I lay out in my post? What is your own relationship with math like, described in these terms? What of this do you convey to your students—either explicitly or implicitly?
  • How are you thinking of using Math Munch going forward? What are your excitements? What are your concerns?

You could write about some of your “doing math”.

  • You could write a post about what your findings have been.
  • You could write about what your experience of doing math on your own has been like—on your own terms, with your own goals, without time pressure, thinking on some open-ended problems.
  • You could take one of the problem set problems and create an extension of it to share.

You could write a reflection or response to something that you’ve encountered through our course that has gotten you thinking—a post one of your coursemates has made or a comment that was made in a Hangout.

You could write about a math experience you wish you had had in the past, or one that you hope to have in the future.


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